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For: Medical Marijuana & Recreation

Cannabust bonds, absorbs and then counteracts the odor molecules ability to emit a vapor. The result is complete elimination of the Cannabis odor. Non Toxic, Non Irritating, Non Flammable, Biodegradable.

Used for: Vehicles, Furniture, Boat Cabins, Houses, Businesses, and More.

Directions for Use: Spray onto interior surfaces of the vehicle and into the vents/exhaust ports of the heating/air conditioning system. Allow to air dry and use fans if possible. Repeat if necessary to eliminate any remaining odor. Spray surface of carpet, seats, and lightly mist the headliner if needed. Spray into the vents and run the ac/heater for 2 minutes. Make sure to wipe down the seats good to dry if they are leather.

Product Safety: Spray is safe to use on any surface, always spot spray or color fade test. Care should be taken if sensitive to fragrance. Use protective gear when spraying to avoid inhalation and contact to skin and eyes.

Not to be combined with other household cleaning products. Contains: water, essential oil blend and preservatives.

Keep out of reach of children. not for consumption or body use.

Quantity 2oz.