Air Filter Sprays

Don't just scent one room, scent them all within seconds with Vent Scent. Whether it's your home, office, or apartment, the rooms can smell amazing without the cost and risks. Simply give the AC Filter a few sprays and let it blow a long lasting scent to set the mood. When our doorbells ring it’s natural to wonder if our homes are guest-ready. Scents Defense Vent Spray instantly takes your space from house to home. 
Simply apply Vent Scent Spray to your  disposable  Indoor Air Filter. Turn on air (or heat) and enjoy your favorite fragrance throughout your home. Simple to use, just A few sprays of Scents Defense Vent Scent Filter Spray and your air system circulates fragrance for days. You control the fragrance strength by how many sprays you apply. Each bottle contains up to 200 uses so you can re-fresh often. So scent your entire home the fast, easy, and safe way quickly.

Used with any Indoor Air Filter

*  Up to 200 Uses
*  Lasts for Days
*  Ask about custom scent
*  Used for Any Home or Auto Air Filter
*  Scents the Whole House at Once
*  Get rid of candles, aerosols, burners, powders, and more...