Diaper Deodorizer

The New, highly effective Rosy Roma Diaper Deodorizer has a great floral scent and is used to get rid of the poo smells on contact. You get up to 150 uses out of one bottle that is compact, perfect for diaper bags or where ever. 
It's odor fighting deodorizer works on both poo and urine to make this tough deodorizer the perfect companion for diaper changing. 

How to Use:
Simply apply it on to the poo, coating it with a light coat. When you are ready, close up the diaper and throw it away. The deodorizer works to keep the area you have the diapers in from stinking. Whether you have a diaper bin or trash can in the garage, prevent the awful smells that come alive when you open the lid. 

Some of the times when it comes in handy:
* Home trash bins
* Diaper bins
* Traveling
* Shopping
* On the plane
* Car

5 ounces- up to 150 uses
Note: not for use on baby, or in diaper when wearing